currently based in Auckland, New Zealand

While studying toward computer sciences I developed an interest, and soon to be passion for the third dimension. Developing skills creating custom content and mods for games, until landing my first industry job as a 3d Generalist at a game studio. A change of career direction saw a shift in focus toward a more realistic output, working on architectural, product and marine visualisations.

Eight years working as a 3d artist I made the decision to return to tertiary education to up-skill and develop as an artist. Media Design School offered a Bachelor’s degree in 3d Animation and Visual Effects, which I successfully completed in 2014.

I enjoy integrating my passion for film, cinema and photography into my work to create superior imagery. I bring extensive experience in modelling, texturing, animation, rendering and compositing. Working predominantly with Autodesk and Adobe suites, I firmly believe in the “whatever tool gets the job done” mentality.

Autodesk, Adobe, Chaosgroup, Corona, Da Vinci Resolve, The Foundry
Something missing, let me figure it out.